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Projects implementation in the industrial electric power sector

based on life cycle contracts


The development of the model for the future Customer’s facility involves the simulation of the entire technological process. We also take into consideration real life cycle events of the facility.

High level of professionalism and unique expertise of our specialists allow to offer Customers optimal integrated solutions for the implementation of electric power projects. We perform the following works under this service line:

  • Design diagnostic studies and engineering surveying
  • Development of technical solutions and their coordination with the Customer’s services
  • Development and approval of design and cost estimate documentation
  • Analysis of design and cost estimate documentation
  • Author's supervision

Design of the main power facilities

Electrical substations with voltage levels from 6 kV to 220 kV
Busways and connecting bars
Overhead and underground power lines with voltage levels from 6 kV to 220 kV

How we work

Integration of equipment into a single process scheme. Ensuring a single guarantee covering power capacity and efficiency of the entire facility.

Assessment of the power system performance under possible scenarios. Selection of the optimal technical solution considering the losses in long-distance lines and transformers, as well as transit and redundancy

Engineering and technical support of projects, including the justification for the use of specific types of equipment

The use of modern compact solutions. The use of reliable equipment in projects.




specialists in the
design department

Our company has all the necessary permits, certificates, approvals and licences for performing the design work. Our project documentation complies with Russian state standards, regulatory and governing documents.


Successful implementation of large-scale projects, skilled staff and improved material and technical resources allow us to perform the full range of works in the construction of electric power facilities.


Industrial and commercial electric power facilities
Overhead and underground power lines up to 220 kV inclusive
External and internal power supply of buildings and structures
Distribution points and transformer substations from 6 kV to 220 kV
Integrated supplies and electrical installations
Facility pre-commissioning and commissioning

How we work

Detailed approach to planning of the construction process, including consistent supply of materials and equipment;

Adoption of new technologies and the use of highly efficient methods related to construction and installation works;

Fast transition to modern methods of construction operations management;

Long-term maintenance of the equipment;

Ongoing technical supervision of construction and installation works and full responsibility for the final result.

За последние три года нами построено:

km of power lines

Обьекта электроснабжения

We are a part of

SRO of Republic of Tatarstan
NPO Association of Energy Auditing and Energy Exporting Organizations of the Volga-Kama Region

Finance engineering

Construction, expansion, modernization, transition to digitalization and "smart" grids are capital-intensive electric power projects, requiring constant input. Nowadays they are thought as ‘capital pitfall’ of industrial enterprises.

The accumulated experience in engineering design, construction and procurement allows us:

  • To make an objective assessment of the current and future needs of the Customer;
  • To select and justify the design capacities;
  • To develop optimal schemes for cost management, including: cost estimation, search for better sources of financing, project budgeting and cost control;
  • To eliminate the cost of "abandoned" work.

At the Customer’s request, engineering can cover monitoring and analysis of all production process parameters, as well as financial and technical supervision of all technological processes within the investment project.

Our task

  • To increase investment efficiency
  • To reduce investment risks
  • To make investing affordable


AO Electroshield maintenance department provides a full range of services in technical maintenance of electric power systems and grids.

Serviced facilities

Power supply systems
Transformer substations
Underground and overhead power lines

We ensure the quality of services through extensive expertise and professionalism of our staff. We also use modern technical means of diagnostics, testing, repairing and high-precision devices. Our company has in-house certified electrical laboratory, equipped with calibrated test and repair devices. Maintenance employees undergo periodic trainings in specialized training centers of the country.

Our task

To maximize operating efficiency of facilities

To increase POS of each equipment unit

To reduce the operating costs of the Customer

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