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YaUO 9601, YaUO 9602, YaUO 9603 lighting control cabinets


Lighting control cabinets are designed for automatic, local, manual or remote control of lighting grids and installations in the industrial buildings, constructions, territories of any facilities having any light sources.

Lighting control cabinets can also be used in lighting and irradiation facilities of agricultural entities to provide daylight hours in poultry and livestock houses, upon artificial rearing of vegetable crops, etc.

Lighting control cabinets provide:

  • Switching on and switching off the light when  a certain level of illumination is reached;
  • Switching on and switching off illumination equipment in the given period of time according to the programs set by daily time-delay circuits manufactured by IEC, EKF, TDM, Schneider etc. and by other manufacturers (YaUO 9601 and YaUO 9603 schemes);
  • Manual switching on and switching off of lighting using the buttons mounted on the door of the cabinet;
  • Remote switching on and off of lighting using a supervisory control device from the control point of power service of the company.

YaUO 9601, YaUO 9602, YaUO 9603 lighting control cabinets are manufactured in accordance with TS-3434-002-50617349-2015.

Technical properties
Embodiment type Hang type
Rated voltage, V 0,4 / 0,66
Control circuit voltage, V =24VDC / =220VDC/ ~24VAC/ ~220VAC
(special design is possible)
Contact rating current, A up to 200
Frequency, Hz 50
Short time electrodynamic current, kA: Up to 50
Color, RAL color standard 7035
special coloring is possible
Maintenance method Single-end
Islanding form 1/2а/2b according to GOST 51321.1- 2007(IEC 60439-1:2004)
Ingress protection rating, IP 30/31/41/42/43/44/54/55/65/66 according to GOST 14254-2015 (IEC 60529:2013)
Environmental class UKhL4 according to GOST 15150-69 (special design is possible)