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Схема подключения

ShOT series direct-current boards


Direct-current boards of ShOT (RSPT, AOUT, etc.) series designed to convert alternating voltage of a frequency of 50 Hz into direct voltage and distribute DC power from the rectifier and the battery up to 160 A at the power generating stations, substations and power facilities with voltage up to 750 kV. Operating current cabinet (SHOT) is designed to supply direct current to particularly responsible consumers. Such as control, protection, automation, telemetry and alarm circuits.

ShOT series direct-current boards are manufactured in accordance with the technical requirements of GOST R 51321.1-2007 and AGTsL.656000.001 TS.

Technical properties
Embodiment type Ground type
Rated voltage, V 0,4 / 0,66
Control circuit voltage, V ~24VAC / ~220VAC /
=24VDC / =220VDC
Another embodiment is possible
Contact rating current, A Up to 160 inclusive
Frequency, Hz 50 for TN-S grounding system
Short time electrodynamic current, kA Up to 70
Color, RAL color standard 7035
Color, RAL color standard
Maintenance method Single-end / double end
Islanding form up to 2b inclusive
Ingress protection rating, IP Up to IP54 inclusive according to GOST 14254-2015 IEC 60529:2013
Environmental class UHL4 by default as per GOST 15150-69 Another embodiment is possible