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Схема подключения

Lighting panels of OTsch series


Lighting panels are designed for distribution of electric energy, rare quick close-in and opening of electric circuits, protection against overloads and short-circuit currents of lighting grids of 380/220V three-phase alternating current of a frequency of 50 Hz.

A lighting panel of each embodiment is equipped with automatic circuit breakers depending on the number of outgoing group lines.

Lighting panels of OTsch series are manufactured in accordance with TS-3434-002-50617349-2015.

Technical properties
Embodiment type Hang type
Rated voltage, V 0,4/0,66
Control circuit voltage, V =24VDC / =220VDC/ ~24VAC/ ~220VAC
(special design is possible)
Contact rating current, A up to 63
Frequency, Hz 50
Short time electrodynamic current, kA up to 25
Color, RAL color standard 7035
Color, RAL color standard
Maintenance method Single-end
Islanding form 1/2а/2b according to GOST 51321.1- 2007 (IEC 60439-1:2004)
Ingress protection rating, IP 30/31/41/42/43/44/54/55/65/66 as per GOST 14254-2015 (IEC 60529:2013)
Environmental class UHL as per GOST 15150-69 (special design is possible)