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Automatic air cooling control cabinets


Control cabinets with automatic air cooling are designed for control and protection of electric motors of the fans of automatic air-cooling system. One electric motor is controlled with r.p.m. control depending on the temperature of the product at the output of the automatic air-cooling system, the other electric motor is controlled with a TeSys T relay without rpm control.

Large fan inertial mass leads to heavy start and long-lasting flow of inrush current with all the consequences (mechanical impulse load, current overloads of switching units and the decrease of their life). Fluid temperature control mechanism requires intermittent switching on/off of the fans.

To improve performance Characteristic of the electric drive of the automatic air cooling system a frequency-regulated drive (FRD), a frequency converter, is used, that makes it possible to:

  • provide non-contact reduced-voltage start of electric motors with inrush currents limitation (In<1.2 In), and at the expense of it to exclude mechanical impulse loads;
  • reduce operating expenses for maintenance and repair of switching units;
  • change over to a more accurate continuous oil temperature control mechanism using a PID controller, which is a built-in frequency converter;
  • save electric power (up to 30%);
  • provide continuous monitoring of the electric motor operation mode and its protection under emergency conditions.

Technical properties
Embodiment type Ground type
Rated voltage, V 0,4 / 0,66
Control circuit voltage, V ~24VAC / ~220VAC
=24VDC / =220VDC
Other design is possible
Contact rating current, A Up to 1000 inclusive
Frequency, Hz 50
Short time electrodynamic current, kA: Up to 50
Color, RAL color standard 7035
other embodiment is possible
Maintenance method Single-end / double-end
Islanding form up to 4b inclusive
Ingress protection rating, IP Up to IP54 inclusive according to GOST 14254-2015 IEC 60529:2013
Environmental class UHL4 by default as per GOST 15150-69 Another embodiment is possible