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Схема подключения

A cubicle switchboard of T-01 series with solid insulation


A precast-welded body of a cell is made from powder-coated steel on the facia, its side and rear walls are made of galvanized steel, a pallet, an instrument cabinet. Bearing elements of the body are assembled with the use of steel embedded studs.

All current carrying elements and contact connections in the cell are insulated. Vacuum chambers, stationary and movable contacts of a disconnecting switch are in the case made of solid polyamide (polycarbonate) insulation material, each phase is in a separate case. Movable and stationary contacts of a grounding conductor are also in the special insulated glasses installed on the cases of phases.

Technical properties
Rated voltage, kV 10
Maximum operating voltage, kV 12
(Power frequency) test voltage, kV 42
Rated frequency, Hz 50
Rated current of the main circuits of a T-01 cubicle switchboard, A 1000
Nominal busbar current, A: 1250
Rated primary current of integral current transformers, A 50; 100; 150; 200; 300; 400; 600; 800; 1000
Rated breaking current of an integral vacuum bottle, kA 20
Short-time thermal current, kA 20
Maximum permissible through current (peak value), kA 51
Lightning impulse, kV 75
Time of short-time thermal current flow, sec: 3
Rated voltage of auxiliary circuits, V:
of AC control power
of DC control power

Dimensional specifications, mm:
height without including a cable connections duct
height including an instrument cabinet and a cable connections duct
depth (at the base)
depth (according to the facade)

Weight, kg 390
Type of control Local, remote
Ingress protection rating of the sheath on the side of the facade and side walls according to GOST 14254-96 IP30
Ingress protection rating of high-voltage current-carrying parts according to GOST 14254-96 IP54
Insulation type Solid sheath
Type of linear high-voltage junctions Cable
Insulation resistance of completely assembled main circuits at a voltage of 2500 V, not less than, Mohm 1000
Sea level elevation, m 3000
Terms of service Single-end service